Sibling Love | Phoenix child photographer

PCS.  Photographer Child Syndrome.  Both kids have it, no doubt.  They see my camera out all the time, they are used to me snapping away so when I get it set in my mind to get a great shot, they are less than interested.  I can’t blame them, it’s more fun just being a kid!  But when my daughter asked for her own special picture time AND requested a picture with her little brother, there was no way I was saying no!  We had everything set up for another session that day so she brought out a few “props” picked out an outfit and we took some adorable pictures of her.  The big winner of the day?  Yeah, THE highly sought after sibling shot.  Happy?  Check.  Near each other?  Check.  Not looking like they are going to push the other one down?  Check!  Success!!!  And just looking at this one makes me all teary eyed, these guys love each other so much, it’s amazing to be their momma.  Sure, they have their moments, but they are both lost when the other one isn’t there.  Best buds, for now at least!

sweet phoenix az brother and sister sitting in red wagon hugging

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Michelle Adams - September 14, 2011 - 8:58 pm

You know I love it! :)

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